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If you fancy hiking volcanoes, observing wildlife and beautiful birds, guided walks in off the beaten track rainforests and kayaking among volcanic islands before unwinding on wild Pacific beaches or jetting off to the beautiful Corn Islands in the Caribbean to snorkel and dive, then Nicaragua is the country for you.

Bordered by both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, Costa Rica to the south and Honduras to the north, Nicaragua is one of the largest countries in Central America and is roughly the size of Greece with over 20% protected as national parks and nature reserves. The country has unique geographical features including the 17th largest lake in the world and 19 volcanoes! Lake Nicaragua, a freshwater lake that occupies a large portion of the western part of the country and is dotted with volcanic islands and islets that you visit and enjoy the beautiful beaches and explore the lake by kayak or SUP. A stay on the island of Ometepe is a popular choice and keen adventurers can hike the mighty Concepcion volcano.

A visit to one of the volcanoes dotted along the western part of the country is a highlight, whether hiking Telica, witnessing the glowing red lava flow of Masaya or surfing down Cerro Negro.

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua, but most visitors head for the beautiful towns of Granada and Leon to experience the Spanish colonial architecture, cobbled streets and visit the churches, museums and markets.

For nature lovers, Nicaragua has rainforests, cloudforests, beautiful, large Pacific beaches and coral reefs around the Corn Islands in the Caribbean. The Indo Maiz Biosphere reserve close to the Costa Rican border protects five species of cats including the jaguar, howler monkeys, spider monkeys and capuchin monkeys and many other species of wildlife. It is also home to the indigenous Rama community and the afro descendant kriol community.

Nicaragua's tropical climate means temperatures are warm, with the high season between December and April which coincides with the dry season, but visits occur all year round.

With no direct flights to Nicaragua, we can help arrange the best flight options for you as part of your itinerary, whether that be flying into Managua or to Liberia in Costa Rica and starting your journey from there.

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Nicaragua Holidays

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