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Tobago, the smaller of the two main islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, and located just 470 miles from the Venezuelan coast is a tropical paradise with stunning Caribbean beaches, an abundance of birdlife, inland rainforest, waterfalls and coral reefs.

From Buccoo Reef in the south to Little Tobago in the north there are plenty of snorkelling and diving opportunities. Little Tobago is also a bird sanctuary where you can see the Red Billed Tropicbird, Magnificent Frigatebirds and rare Red Footed Boobies.

A guided walk in the Main Ridge Forest Reserve is an opportunity to see the Blue-backed Manakin, Trinidad Motmot and the White Tailed Sabrewing. Hummingbirds abound in Tobago and a visit to Adventure Farm or inland to the Cuffie River Nature Retreat are both great opportunities to see the stunning Ruby Topaz, White Necked Jacobin and Green Hermit.

The cultural heritage of Tobago is evident in its lively festivals, music, and cuisine. Tobago's laid-back and friendly atmosphere allows visitors to truly unwind and embrace the island's relaxed pace of life. The island is dotted with small villages and fishing communities where you can experience the genuine warmth of the locals.

The dry season for Tobago is typically January to May but holidays occur year round. There is plenty to see and do in Tobago for one or two week trip, alternatively combine with nearby Trinidad and witness the Scarlet Ibis's roosting at Caroni Swamp and visit the Asa Wright Centre for a birdwatcher's paradise.

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Tobago Holidays

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